Welcome to the exciting, little world of Billy the Blackbird and his friends!

The children at number 6 Lavender Lane are keeping themselves busy by making bird feeders with their Mummy. At the same time, a little baby blackbird is getting ready to make his first trip out of the nest. The first story in the series, Billy and the Bird feeder is a story of adventure, friendship and the unshakeable feeling of well-being when humans connect with the nature around them.

Inside this beautifully illustrated book you will find a step by step guide of how to build your own bird feeder, a guide to British Garden Birds, as well as exclusive access to a downloadable “Garden Bird Detective” colouring-in sheet.

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About the Story:

Like so many parents in the UK, I had the bittersweet pleasure of homeschooling my children in the Spring of 2020. I was inspired to write this story after we made a bird feeder and were eagerly observing the birds visiting it every day. While the human world was very still, the birds were continuing about their business, singing loudly and bringing us joy.

After a few days of excitedly watching the birds visiting the feeder, we spotted a baby blackbird in the corner of the garden and watched as his parents came back and forth with different types of food for him. We called him Billy and the story was born at our kitchen table, as I was desperately trying to engage my six-year-old son with his reading. My children loved the story and encouraged me to share it with you. We hope you will enjoy hearing about Billy’s adventures as much as we loved writing about him!

As brand new bird watchers we found it tricky to identify the different birds coming and going to our feeder, so we decided to include a How to Make a Bird feeder page and a “Garden Bird Detective” colouring in sheet with the story, so that our readers can experience all of the joy of these amazing little creatures too!

About the Author:

Jennifer Doyle is a mother, school teacher, nature observer and champion pancake maker, who lives in Manchester with her two children and their furry friend, Tico!

School Workshops

We are very excited to introduce our new Author Readings and Bird feeder Workshops that we have available to primary schools and EYFS settings throughout the UK. 

Billy the Blackbird -
Billy & The Bird Feeder

Includes instructions on how to make your own bird feeder, Blackbird Fact File and British Garden Bird Identifier.

Luxury Make-your-own Bird feeder and Book Gift Set

Our giftbox contains everything you will need to build your own feeder and start to encourage some feathered friends to your garden.

Billy the Blackbird
& The Winter Feast

Meet Billy’s new friend, Rebecca the Robin, in this exciting new winter story.

We need to look after the environment so our wildlife friends like Billy can stay safe, that’s why all of our books are printed on recycled paper and our packaging is 100% plastic free.

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